About GoodNoni

Only the best noni fruit is enough to make Goodnoni

Our Origin, Fiji

A paradise with a tropical climate that allows noni fruit to grow with an unmatched appearance, aroma and flavor

Natural Process

We work directly with local pickers, so our noni fruit is collected and processed daily without losing freshness or properties .

Ambassadors in Spain and Europe

It all started more than 10 years ago when we discovered a fruit that we had never heard of and which, according to the first data that we were gathering, helped calm the pains. However, it didn’t seem easy to find it for sale in Spain.

Yes, we are talking about Noni. We had the opportunity to get some units from different manufacturers and be able to confirm that what they said about this fruit was really a reality. Then we knew we had a mission: noni juice had to reach the Spanish market .

This is where our adventure began that today we continue with the same illusion of the first day and that has led us to conquer not only Spain, but the entire European territory .

We spent a long season searching and searching: we wanted to find the best noni juice , the best quality and that could be marketed at a competitive price. And we did it, by the hand of Goodnoni. Today we are ambassadors of this brand .

We could not resist, and is that Goodnoni noni juice is 100% noni juice (Morinda citrifolia) of first pasteurization made from squeezed ripe fruit.