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Learn all about 4Retirees Community

4Retirees is a purpose-built community for retirees. It’s a marketplace, a meeting place of ideas, inspiration, knowledge and experienced people. 4Retirees was created with one clear focus; to help retirees easily take advantage of a new world of opportunities in the economic, social and digital world. 4Retirees connects retirees to flexible jobs for over 60s, we enable you to learn new skills, new hobbies and expand your knowledge through our courses, we also connect you one with another via our social groups.

There are 2 ways to become a 4Retirees member, as follows:

  • FREE MEMBERSHIP – a free membership with limited benefits, all you have to do is to sign up at the top left corner by clicking on JOIN FREE or simply click HERE to start.
  • PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP – to become a premium member you need to take free flexible jobs match first, find out how many flexible jobs matches you have, then follow the instructions to join by purchasing one of the premium membership options. Get connected to flexible jobs for retirees, free courses and enjoy full benefits or premium member.

No. 4Retirees is run for retirees, by retirees. We’ve made it easy for you to get started. If you can read and tap on a keyboard, you can participate now and take our free flexible jobs match. And, when you’re ready to learn some new skills via our courses, we’ll be there too. Our aim is to help you to keep pace with this burgeoning economy and part of that is giving you an option and opportunity to upskill with new hobbies and talents. These improved skills will help you to unlock a future filled with more opportunities for earnings, taking advantage of tools available online to you, so that you can live your dream retirement life and keep you better connected to your friends, family, and the rest of the world.

Anyone who is chasing a dream of freedom is participating in the 4Retirees community. Anyone who is thinking of a career change to enable their potential and opportunities can participate in our community and take advantage of what’s on offer. If you have an interest in meeting other like-minded retirees, learning new skills or earning money via flexible jobs available on the market, we invite you to start your journey here by taking our free flexible jobs match.

Our vision is to build a better place for all retirees. We want to create a community of retirees4retirees, eventually, we can co-create, build a better place with a better economy where all retirees come to connect, interact, meet, help each other, share their skills, build new ones, volunteer, earn money, and maybe even make some friends! We will provide you soon with opportunities to participate in forums, to connect, chat, share ideas, and ask questions about your fellow community members. You can also connect with the community through most of our social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to join our membership so we keep you up to date on our progress as our community grows and becomes an even “better place for retirees.”

Once you join one of our membership options, either FREE or PREMIUM, we will create an account for you and send you the link to activate it via email. You can manage your preferences by accessing the right top corner of your account under the button that says, ‘My account”. If you would like to receive our weekly eNewsletter with useful tips and hints, or perhaps you would like to update your interest information so that we can provide you with more comprehensive updates weekly, you can do all of that in through your account preferences.

You can manage this under your account located at right top corner, you can request a password reset, or before you login, reset by clicking on ‘forgot my password.’

We would certainly be sorry to see you go, but if you really want to, you can simply unsubscribe from all the communication or you can deactivate your account. You can manage these preferences under the “My Account” tab located in the right top corner, through the button, “Deactivate Account.”

At 4Retirees, your online safety and privacy is our priority. So you can feel as comfortable sharing information online as you would be in person.

Here’s how we protect your privacy:

  • Every retiree signs in with their real name, age, and email address and we keep that safe and secure for you
  • Your member area and our website is password protected and encrypted by HTTPS
  • We never share your personal information with advertisers or any other 3rd party
  • We do not store your credit card details in our systems

To learn more about safety, visit our Privacy & Cookie Policy

To learn more about use of 4Retirees website, visit our Terms of use

If we didn’t answer your question or you need additional clarification, email us at and we will respond to you just as quickly as we can!

Take Flexible jobs match now

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Learn all about flexible jobs for over 60s

The flexible jobs are enabled by the on-demand sharing economy. The on-demand sharing economy is a business concept that highlights the ability (and perhaps the preference) of individuals to rent or borrow goods or services and not necessarily buy and own them. Owners rent out something they are not using, such as a car, house, bicycle, or their skills, to someone else using person-to-person services and earning money on demand in a flexible way. 4Retirees have partnered with hundreds of businesses that offer flexible jobs for over 60s via an on-demand sharing economy.

The free flexible jobs match is designed to match your current personal circumstances with the flexible job opportunities that are most relevant to you. We have designed a short 14-question checklist to better understand your current personal and economic situation, e.g. Do you own a car? Do you like helping others? etc. We then use a rating and matching system to present you with a number of flexible job matches and potential $ earnings you can get from your matches in real time. Your answers from the free flexible jobs check are matched with over hundreds of available opportunities to earn income in a flexible way. We match people with opportunities and this mix changes all the time. We are continually updating our list of flexible jobs and forming new business partnerships for you so that you can keep getting more options, more flexible jobs ongoing.

We believe we can provide you with a 98% matches compatible with you. We intentionally don’t promise a 100% match, as your individual circumstances can change daily and we might not be privileged to any of your personal information that might disqualify you from the participation e.g. the year of your vehicle, suspension of your driving license, etc.

Here is how you get access to the detail information of your flexible jobs:

  • First, you take the free flexible jobs match
  • You will receive the free results (on the screen and via email) with a number of your matches and the potential estimated $ earning’s
  • To access the names of the businesses and sign up to your matched flexible job opportunities, you need to join our premium membership
  • Once you have joined, your matches will be clearly presented to you in your 4Retirees member account accessible for you 24/7.
  • We will regularly update and expand our partnerships so that you continually get more options for flexible jobs and earnings

We have partnered with over hundreds of businesses that offer flexible jobs via on-demand sharing economy right here in Australia. Two that you have most likely heard of are UBER and Airbnb. With UBER, people use their own cars, sign up as drivers, and then transport people or deliver food to other people as part of their peer-to-peer network. You can work on your terms, the hours you want, in the area you want, and still, earn money while meeting new people and listening to your favourite radio station. The second example is Airbnb. It is an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging including holiday cottages, rooms, apartments, homestays, hostel beds, etc. You can do this all year long if you have a place you never use, for weeks at a time when you are travelling, or just until you find new tenants for your investment property. It’s a great contemporary (and cheaper) alternative to hotel accommodation. We can match you with hundreds of these types of businesses—the choice of businesses participating in the on-demand sharing economy is virtually endless and new ones are popping up all the time. You’ll be able to find transportation, hobby-related businesses, travel, education, business services, delivery, pet care, and the works!

The on-demand sharing economy is here to stay. And its growth is a given. Whether it’s renting a room, hiring a driver, renting a parking space, or outsourcing household tasks, the sharing economy is disrupting a range of industries and causing regulators to take note. Technology is making it easier for new marketplaces to be created. Services that used to be high touch, slow to deliver, but yet expensive are now fast and efficient, thanks to technology like smartphones. This creates a better experience for the consumer and also the person providing the service. Australia has a supportive start-up community with new businesses starting up all the time, and we are here to provide you with this comprehensive partnership in discovering new options for earning an income all the time. It’s an incredibly exciting time!

To access the details of your list of flexible job matches and know what they are, how to start and how much you can earn from each individual business you’ll need to become a 4Retirees premium member. You can purchase access via your 4retirees member account, please login to your account first or see the email results we have sent you. After you follow the purchase instructions, you will have 2 options which are a one-time fee of $59 where you will get access for 6 months or a monthly subscription for $11 per month with a minimum of 6 months subscription time. We will continue to update you on an ongoing basis, as new businesses appear and/or if new category questions are added.

You will be sent a list of individual businesses that your current personal circumstances have been matched with. The list can be as long as 100 businesses or more. It all depends on the answers you provided in our free jobs match and the matching opportunities available. The list will contain business names, conditions of participation, terms of use, how to start, how much you can earn from each individual business and sometimes, we even have deals or special codes for you to quote when signing up with a specific business. Each of these businesses has a helpful customer service team that will assist you in the sign-up process and/or answer any questions you might have about getting started. The faster you sign up and work, the faster you can start earning.

This is certainly up to you. It’s your personal decision to join or not to join 4Retirees premium membership to access the flexible jobs detail list and all other benefits. We want to create a great experience as well as opportunities for you. Only you are aware of your own wants, needs, and situation. We suggest using common sense and your personal good judgement. Every situation is different. For instance, if the results only match you with one or two flexible jobs of total possible earnings such as $200, it’s probably not worth purchasing yet. However, if your results match you with 10 to 20 plus businesses and your total earning could be as much as $1,400 a month or upwards of $20,000 a year, then it could be a terrific option to purchase as it represents several potentially profitable opportunities for you. 

The quick answer is that you don’t need to have them, but if you do, then this can help you take more advantage of these flexible jobs opportunities. For example, if you are an accountant or copywriter or teacher etc these skills can be highly valuable in some of the job roles. From what we have researched you don’t need any high-level special qualifications or university degrees to participate in many of the current on-demand economy jobs. Once you get your access to the personalised list of flexible jobs, we will provide you with information and links to each business’s terms of use and conditions to ensure you understand all the requirements of each business individually. Each of these on-demand economy businesses operates individually and have their own processes and list of qualifications you’ll need to supply before you start earning.

The first step is to understand your compatibility with the opportunities available. Take our free flexible jobs match and see if your current circumstances match any of these flexible jobs and how much you could potentially earn. Once you receive your results, then you decide which premium membership option to purchase to access the full list of your flexible job matches, then start signing up and start earning right away.

You have the potential to earn per hour, per day, per week, or per item or project. It’s possible to earn anywhere from $20 per hour to thousands of dollars or more per week or per month. Your earning potential depends on your skill set, situation, the opportunities available, and how little or how much you’re prepared to work. The choice is yours! And, you’re not locked into committing to any time frames. You can dip in or out when it makes sense for you.

Each of these businesses has their own individual payment systems and conditions that you should review before signing up. Payment is usually made directly to your bank account or PayPal account. Fast payment is one of the benefits of flexible jobs in the on-demand sharing economy. After you have provided a service, some payments are received within 1-3 business days, others or on a designated day each week or month. We definitely recommend that you check this with each business before you start. And, we recommend speaking with your accountant or tax/financial adviser about your individual circumstances.

Once you get your premium 4Retirees membership, you will have access to your personalised list of flexible jobs and you will then be responsible for familiarising yourself with each business on your list, and their requirements. You are also responsible for everything between signing up and starting to earn. Each of these businesses operates individually and have a different sign-up process as well as requirements, documents, or information that you will have to provide them with. Each of these businesses has a helpful customer service team to assist you with the process and/or answer any questions you may have.

We believe you should take the free flexible jobs match once and get access to your premium membership in order to access your full list of flexible jobs. We will regularly monitor in the background any new opportunities and changes to your on-demand sharing economy job list. If we make significant changes and/or introduce more flexible jobs opportunities, we will notify you about those changes via email and explain how to access them. You will continue to gain access, through your premium membership account with 4Retirees, to any new opportunities that match your profile, and you won’t pay any more than the original subscription you signed up to.

Once you take the free flexible jobs match and then decide to join 4Retirees premium membership to access your personalised list of flexible jobs matches, you will be responsible for becoming familiar with your matched opportunities. You can pick and choose one at a time or simply try to sign up with all of them straight away. Each of these businesses operates individually and have different sign-up processes and requirements. They also have a helpful customer service team to assist you in signing up and/or if you have any questions. It’s up to you to decide how many businesses and how quickly you want to sign up in order to start earning. You will also receive several helpful tips from us via email to assist you in starting to earn straightaway. But there is no obligation. If you purchased your list and decide that you don’t want to pursue any of the opportunities, that is perfectly fine and completely up to you.

We believe that anyone who is the least bit interested in earning additional income or simply supplementing their pension should take part in the on-demand sharing economy, and therefore should take our free flexible jobs match. To participate in the on-demand economy you need to be at least 18 years old. We are the business that proudly supports retirees and their desire to stay relevant.

The list of flexible jobs is personalised to you and your current personal circumstances. So, we strongly advise you not to share it with your friends and family as they might have very different circumstances and eligibility criteria. Neither you nor 4Retirees wants to be seen as potentially misleading them. We would highly recommend that you send the link to our website to your friends and family so that they can take the free flexible jobs match for themselves. Then they can check their own compatibility, see their own individual opportunities, and decide for themselves whether or not to take the next step.

The on-demand sharing economy and participation in it is most definitely legal and it is even supported by Australian Government. You, as a participant in it, are fully supported by Australian Consumer Law while using the on-demand sharing economy. To find out more, CLICK HERE

The Australian Government is fully supportive of participation in the on-demand sharing economy and has introduced a number of protection laws for consumers, including taxation and GST. In general, just like other sources of employment, the on-demand sharing economy is subject to taxation and GST. The Australian Tax Office has some helpful information about tax and the on-demand sharing economy GST, to find out more, CLICK HERE. If you need more information, we then recommend you to contact your accountant or tax/financial adviser to assess your personal circumstances.

The Australian Government has introduced taxation and conditions for retirees relating to the on-demand sharing economy. Please visit the Australian Government’s page and learn about your individual earnings strategies. Contact your accountant or tax/financial advisor to discuss further strategies to maximise your earning potential and understand the implications to your pension and taxes. To learn more from government CLICK HERE

Every business that offers flexible jobs has its own requirements and sign up criteria. Some may require an ABN or insurance, but most of them will just require your Tax File Number to track your earnings. We recommend you read the FAQs and the terms and conditions for each of the businesses you are considering earning money from. If you are planning to share or rent out your home, car, or other valuable personal items, then you may find it helpful to discuss the situation with your insurer as well.

The on-demand sharing economy is fast growing, so if the option that interests you isn’t servicing your area yet, hopefully, it will soon. We recommend that you speak with the businesses of your particular interest and see if they have any plans to grow in your area, as most of them are continuing to expand. We do our best to give you different options within the same category to minimise that problem, but we appreciate that it can’t always be fixed. We will always continue to add additional flexible jobs for over 60s as fast as we can.

Most of the on-demand sharing economy businesses listed are small to medium enterprises. Brand awareness increases very gradually. It can take a long time for everyone to hear about certain brands or discover their need for them. One of the advantages you have is that you are aware of these opportunities now before they become mainstream. Learn about these new businesses and see what is on offer, and if it is a good fit for you, you may be one of the leading pioneers.

If we didn’t answer your question or you need additional clarification, email us at and we will respond to you just as quickly as we can!

Learn all about our Learning Academy

4Retirees have partnered with the Australian Government, Be Connected foundation and many other partners with authority and eligibility to produce and certify some of the courses. As a part of our growing network of partners we offer FREE and PAID courses for you to choose from. Currently most of the PAID courses may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, for clicking on the link and making a purchase.

4Retirees connects you to FREE and PAID courses through our network of partners. We do not have the authority to provide you with a certificate of completion or diploma but most of our partners will have those options for you. Simply follow the sign-up process for each course you would like to take via our partner’s website; sign up and become eligible for official certification if available. Before taking any free or paid course please check on our partner website the eligibility and terms and conditions.

If we didn’t answer your question or you need additional clarification, email us at and we will respond to you just as quickly as we can!


4Retirees welcomes your suggestions, your feedback, including complaints. We believe people have a right to speak up, as it helps us to see what works for you, what doesn’t, and where we can make improvements to provide you with a better opportunities and a better service. Your opinion matters, email us at

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